What to do when your iDevice breaks

So many of us — whether Windows or Mac users have at least and iPod, iPhone or iPad these days.   Such devices really have no learning curve and no age limit.

Apple really takes care of their customers and there is an unwritten policy that you should know about that will surely benefit you.

What if you drop your iPad face first onto the ground or step on that iPhone that you just bought.   Let’s say the screen breaks and there is serious damage….

Apple’s standard warranty or their extended warranty, known as Apple Care, do not cover that.   Those situations clearly arise from customer abuse and error.

However, like I’ve said before, Apple is one of the few technology companies  that have a warranty program that means something.  Surely, their warranty covers only defects (parts and labor type issues) but I’ve shared over the years that I have had so many wonderful experiences whenever I needed to get one of my computers fixed.

So let’s go back to that dreaded scenario when you have self-inficted damage on your iDevice (ipod, iphone, ipad).   Bring it to the Genius Bar at your local Apple Store.   Be very contrite and talk calmly, expecting nothing.   THEIR UNOFFICIAL POLICY IS ….. They will do a ONE TIME REPLACEMENT for you at no charge   SO LONG AS YOUR DEVICE IS UNDER WARRANTY.      This could mean the original warranty or the Apple Care extended warranty.

You cannot mandate compliance with this policy because you won’t find it written anywhere, however it exists and people benefit from it every day.