Getting ready for Mac OSX 10-7

As I have mentioned before  – Apple is releasing their new operating system OSX 10.7 very soon.  Previously it had been promised in July.

For most of you, it is a VERY good idea to upgrade.  Unlike the Windows world where computer users delay upgrades for years, exposing themselves to all kinds of troubles,  Mac users upgrade their OS (operating system) when a new one comes out.

The best thing is — this upgrade will only cost you $30 for the software.  Its not like a Windows upgrade where you will have to pay $99 or even $129 for previous Mac OS upgrades (ie. in 2003, 2005, and 2007).    Hint:  Apple tends to update their OS on a 2 year cycle.

RUMOR:   The word on the street is that OSX 10.7 will be available starting on July 14.   I need at least 2 days to play with the new software myself….. so if you are looking to get yours installed — I am taking appointments beginning on July 18 and onward.    If we need to postpone it for a few days due to Apple’s timing, that would be fine.

If you have a family of Macs and all computers are there on the day of install, you only need to buy the software once.

Please buy yourself a pack of DVD-R (under $10) discs so you can burn a backup copy of the new software or a 4 GB flash disk ($10 to $15).  Staples would have both items.

If you are buying a new Mac after the release date — it will include 10.7 and if for some reason it doesn’t, you will get a coupon to upgrade to the new OS for free.