When to update your browser

Most of you now know the importance of having multiple browsers on your computers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome for example)…..

If I have seen you in the past year or so, most of you have at least a second browser installed.

My Windows clients should all have Internet Explorer 8 (or 9 perhaps) and Safari 5 (if you have a Mac).

You likely know by now that my FAVORITE alternative browser is Firefox — and for many of you, I have set it as your primary browser.

Recently, Firefox has released TWO major updates — going from 3 to version 4 in April and 5 just 2 weeks ago.

Firefox is created with the help of thousands of developers worldwide and sponsored by the Mozilla Foundation.  In fact, Firefox is the primary browser on all 250,000 of IBM’s corporate workstations.    I often say — if its good enough for them…… (you finish the sentence)

Firefox’s updates get pushed through automatically — so if you get prompted to update to Firefox 5, you can do it.  Firefox 5 is not just an update for 4 — it is a replacement.   FYI, Firefox will be rolling out new versions every 6 weeks or so….. so if you get prompted for 6, 7, 8 by the end of year.  You have my blessing…..

**The only exceptions are — if you use VERY SPECIFIC websites — like for work or school that specifically tell you — you must be on a certain browser version….then hold off on the update.  For 95% of my clients, this is not an issue.

Windows 7 users — do not be so quick to update to Internet Explorer 9 (XP customers — this is not an option for you).  The website for my online banking claims an incompatibility with version 9 — so be careful.    General Windows updates = very good.   If you get prompted for Internet Explorer 9 — hold off if you can.