Verizon Wireless Code Orange Alert

This is a message for you who are thinking of upgrading to a smartphone with Verizon Wireless (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone) or who have an existing smartphone but may want to replace it as a Verizon customer

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE….. make sure you do so before July 7.  When you have a smartphone with Verizon you pay a $30 charge for data (internet, email, etc).   This is mandatory.  You may receive discounts through your employer, so please check.  However the point here is that right now the $30 for the Verizon plan is UNLIMITED in terms of the data you use.   You read that correctly.

However, like AT+T and T-Mobile, Verizon feels the need to squeeze their customers for profit so after July 7 — the $30 will be capped at 2 GB of usage and you will pay for overages.   If you download songs, watch video, do a ton of e-mail on your smart phone — you COULD GO OVER.  I would estimate that 65% of you would not, so long as you set your phone to switch off to WiFi in your home.  However why burden yourself with the what ifs…..

If you get a new smartphone from Verizon before July 7 — you have a contract and your deal is good for 2 years.   You can hold them to it or you can get out of your contract if they try to change this on you.

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