Protection from power surges

With these terrible summer storms in Connecticut, the threat of power surges is on the rise.
– I have heard of whole home surge protection from the electric company or provided by electrical contractors.  I don’t know much about this technology, but make sure there is a guarantee for your equipment, no deductible and replacement at new cost.

– However, I am more familiar with traditional surge protectors that you plug into the wall and then plug your appliances in to.
@  A power strip is not a surge protector
@ Be leery of Brand X surge protectors because they will not be there for you when your equipment gets ruined.
@   Over the years I have always recommended APC brand surge protectors.  I also will give a ringing endorsement to Monster.
@ A good surge protector may cost you 35.00 to 75.00   but both of these companies have your back $$ when there is equipment damage.
@  A good place to look for APC or Monster surge protectors on sale would be