Choosing the right monitor

Today I’m going to address monitors.   Back to basics…..

This update is targeted toward those of you who have desktops or who like to plug a monitor into your laptop while at home for a bigger viewing area.

Monitors aren’t what they used to be — if you like to read at the computer, the quality is getting worse.  It’s not an issue of cheaper or more expensive  – it’s really in the design.

Some things  you should know:

1.  Obviously big screen TVs (LCD) are all the rage these days and those same widescreen panels are being used for computer monitors.  They are GREAT if you like watching movies or playing games but very poor for reading.   Why?  You have to move your eyes too far to the left or right.   Reading works best on a square screen, not a rectangular screen.

2.  Myth:  A bigger screen means everything on my screen will be bigger.    Not necessarily true!!   All that a bigger screen universally gives you is more real estate on the screen; you have more space to work with.   If you want to make everything BIGGER you have to adjust the resolution and that is easy to do from your Control Panel (System Preferences on Mac).  However, if you don’t have a good video card in your computer than can scale up and scale down well — adjusting the resolution to DISTORT your viewing experience.

For most of you who read articles and e-mails and web pages — a 17 inch square shaped monitor would be the best choice

3.  Some good monitor choices are …..

17 inch

19 inch

20 inch (One company only – Dell.  They have no competition, hence the price.)