Excellent free anti-virus program for your Mac

I told you the day was coming when viruses would become an issue for Mac users.

There have been Mac viruses attacking computers over the past few weeks, the most notable one calling itself Mac Defender, posing as a fake anti-virus program.

I realized today, that only one of my clients actually has anti-virus software on their Mac — so if you know who you are — this message is not really for you.  Just make sure it is updated.

For the rest of you:

Sophos is a leading corporate anti-virus software company.  You have probably never heard of them because their software is found in large businesses only.  Well, last fall  they released a FREE anti-virus program for Mac called Sophos Anti-Virus Home.   I have included a link below for you to download the file.    Print the instructions (right side of linked page) and follow them to install the program.      Please do this immediately!   This solution applies to PowerPC and Intel Macs — so that is all of you.


I think with the simple instructions, you can more than handle this on your own.  However, if we need to set up a virtual appointment, I am ready and willing.