Getting your computer fixed on a snow day

The weather is supposed to be terrible in Connecticut this week, but hopefully getting better by the end of the week.   If you do need help with your computer, this would be a perfect opportunity to take advantage of virtual appointments and phone / e-mail consultations.

-Virtual appointments work just like a on-site visit (same hourly billing), with the exception being that I don’t actually come out to see you.
I utilize a program called Go To Assist which allows me to tap into your computer, demonstrate certain functions for you and make modifications as needed.  You see everything that is happening.  I am charged $7 each time I access the Go To Assist program; this cost is passed on the customer in lieu of a travel charge.

You might be wondering, how we communicate during a virtual appointment.  The Go To Assist application has a built in chat function that allows us to type back and forth to each other.  If for some reason that didn’t work, we could instant message via Skype (download the free skype client at   Yes, we could talk on the phone, but I find it very distracting during a virtual session.  That would not be my preference.

-Phone / and e-mail consultations are intended for brief support situations, where incidental needs arise.  This service is appropriate when you are facing just a couple issues that might not take an onsite visit or a full hour to resolve.  These FAST BREAK sessions as I call them, could range anywhere from a couple minutes to a half hour.  They are billed PER INCIDENT (a flat rate) and not per hour.  The rate is $30 per incident and this not meant to convey an hourly equivalent.   Think of it this way:  if a computer problem that may take only 3 to 5 minutes for me to solve as an expert, but one that is vital to your school, professional work flow, or peace in the home would definitely be worth $30 if you had no other way of solving it.   The Go To Assist program is not available for this service.