Sync contacts with your iDevice

This is a special tip for those of you using an iOs device — this would be an iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone.

Your iOs device can sync contacts by plugging into your Mac (Address Book) or Windows (with Outlook only) computer with included cable, but what about wireless syncing? Who wants to be tied down to a cord in 2011?
You can sync contacts with your Gmail account or Apple Mobile Me account and even your Exchange account from work.

However, syncing Contacts with your Yahoo account is a little more tricky. Your iDevice only allows syncing of Yahoo mail and calendar.
However, a brilliant app was just created to facilitate Yahoo contact syncing. It is called Y! Live Sync.

It seems fairly new but I have tried it and it truly works. Perhaps some day Yahoo will allow direct syncing of contacts from your iDevice but for now, this $1 app is better for you than buying a can of Coke …. less filling too.

Here is the direct link

You can also look up Y! Live Sync on iTunes or directly from the App Store on your iDevice. Do not choose the free version. That is only the demo.