Free iPad user guide free this week

I’ve briefly shared with you in the past how am loving my iPad that I purchased in early November.  I’ve brought this powerful mini computer to many client appointments and some have expressed an interest in buying one.   A few of my clients already have the iPad.

As you already know, none of our computers or electronic gadgets come with a user manual anymore.  We have to rely on 3rd parties for these guides and of course, we hope they are EASY TO READ.

For the iPad, there is and answer.   Tid BITS has been writing easy to understand user guides on iPhone and Mac subjects for years.

They have recently published a guide for the iPad.  At a cost of a $10 to $20, this is a bargain.   However, today, we can thank our friend Guy Kawasaki for providing this guide for free for this week only.      Mr. Kawasaki has always been a vital member of the Apple community.  For a period of time in the mid 1980’s and mid to late 1990’s, Guy worked for Apple as an Evangelist.   That was his official title.  He preached the merits of the Macintosh platform.     Today, he writes books aimed at helping people start their own businesses and further their professional careers.

In conjunction with the promotion of his new book, Enchantment, Kawasaki is offering the Take Control iPad Basics user guide FOR FREE this week.  There is no cost to you. All you have to do is Like his Facebook page.