iPad tips

1)   I feared the worst yesterday, my iPad stopped dead in its tracks.  There was about 85% battery left.   I was so disappointed.  I’ve owned it for just under a month.  I got an appointment with the local Apple Store for 550 PM and was helped fairly promptly after entering the store.    When the rep wanted to take my laptop into the back room, I became worried and then thought — maybe this is just for good P.R.   They don’t want anyone seeing these best selling device in a state of failure, in public

In the end, I did not need a replacement.   I just needed a hard reset.   I had run out of application memory (which is separate from the flash / hard drive memory).   To do a hard reset:
Hold down the power / sleep button and the home button (big round button at the bottom) for several seconds.

Alternatively you can QUIT applications once in a while because they will stay open unless you power off your iPad.

2)  Moneydance works pretty well in conjunction with the iPad for me.   It syncs over WiFi.  Sometimes, I have to launch the MoneyDance app on my iPad twice, but nonetheless it’s pretty automatic.  There is just a one-time initial secure setup procedure.    iBank is the only other personal finance app I know that syncs with the iPad, but if you’re already using MD — might as well stick with the horse you have on the track.