iPad favorite apps

With the iPad — it’s all in the Apps!!
You will probably have to spend $25 to $50 in apps to make it work right for you.

Some apps you might find useful as a student…
1. Documents to Go Office Premium – $16.99 There is no Microsoft Office for iPad, but this is a great app. You can work with Word, Excel and PowerPoint — e-mail those docs and sync with your dropbox account
2. Get a Dropbox account if you don’t have one already. You get 2 GB free and the iPad app is free. 2 GB is plenty enough for your important school files and other documents. You can access these files on any computer, from a web browser and the iPad.
3. Note Taker HD or Note Shelf. They are 4.99 each. You only need one really. They allow you to take notes with your finger or a stylus like the Pogo Sketch http://tenonedesign.com/sketch.php

After I got my iPad I take taking notes on paper anymore. Note Taker allows you to email notes to yourself, but NoteShelf also syncs with DropBox!!!

4. The Facebook app stinks, so get Friendly. Friendly is a full screen iPad app. $1.99 only.

5. For instant messenger, I like IM+ It is a universal messenger client that will connect you with AIM, Yahoo, MSn, Facebook IM, etc etc. They have a paid version for 10 bucks, but I find the free version works just fine. The free Version is called “IM + Lite”.

6. Bible, oh the Bible.  There is a free app called Bible which is awesome. It is put out by YouVersion.com. There are multiple translations and you can download them as well so you don’t have to be online.   Do not download their OLD Bible HD app.  They have transitioned to Bible — a universal app for iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch.

7. If you like listening to radio, whether it be talk or music check out “iheartradio” (free) or TuneInRadio ($1.99).

8. It seems like you guys have Comcast digital cable. They have a free app now that allows you to watch a lot of onDemand stuff from your iPad.