Macs Only: The right smartphone for my Mac lifestyle

This is a special update, just for you that I do once in a while.  My Windows (sigh) clients do not get this bulletin.

I recently had an article print in the November / December edition of a local Macintosh newsletter published by non-profit computer club.

There are really three choices in the U.S. SMARTPHONE market today:  an iPhone, an Android phone or a Blackberry.

For me, I found a good Android phone (hint, you have to choose one because there are several models) works better for me than an iPhone.  In fact, purchasing an Android phone gave me the flexibility I needed to go ahead and purchase an iPad — Apple’s new tablet device.  If I had stuck with the iPhone, I would not have have purchased the iPad.   In a nutshell, using a non Apple smartphone actually caused me to expand my relationship (spending more $$) with Apple products.

You may not come to the same conclusion that I did, but I know you’ll enjoy reading my article.  It is a not a dry read.  Text can be boring, but imagine me writing these words with the same enthusiastic spirit that I’m known for.

Happy reading (two page document attached, click link below)