1.  I want to thank you for the response to my new Fast Break email / phone support offering.   Your interest to both the per incident and subscription based options has given me a new dimension through which to serve you.     As a reminder, e-mail and phone incidents are billed at $30 per incident.     For added value you can subscribe to a package of 10 Fast Break incidents for $150.   The subscription period ends on May 15, 2011.  Since this is a new and unique offering, I intend to be flexible and not cut off my original subscribers if for instance, they use 12 or 13 incidents during the 6 month term.   The e-mail / phone support options are not meant to replace on-site or virtual appointments for your serious issues, but meant to foster learning through your incidental support needs as they arise.

Thank you for your trust and support!

2. Attention Christmas shoppers:
There will be no Verizon iPhone for the holidays.  There will also be no new iPad with a front facing camera to put under the tree.

The greatest ongoing rumor in technology news is that there WILL be a Verizon iPhone…..introduced soon of course.  Fortune magazine is now reporting that a formal launch will be announced shortly after the beginning of the year.   Nothing is certain yet.   For those of you who want an iPhone with ATT but hate to pay full price, I believe there will be some Black Friday specials on refurbished units on the ATT Wireless website.  It wouldn’t surprise me if you could pick up a 3Gs for $49 and an iPhone 4 for $99 on Nov. 26th.

As far as the iPad goes — you can now pick one up at WalMart, Target, Best Buy, your local Verizon store, ATT store, and of course the Apple Store and    The iPad can be purchased as WiFi only (requiring no monthly data plan) or a WiFi + cellular requiring a no contract monthly data plan, with AT&T or Verizon.  The Verizon capable iPads require a small box from Verizon, called a MiFi.  It is included in the $630 price.  WiFi only iPads start at $499.

3.  Keyboard shortcuts.   Sometimes using the keyboard is much easier on memory recall for common computing tasks.
The next time you need to copy and paste text — try this:
Windows:  Copy = Ctrl + c  and Paste = Ctrl + v
Mac:   Copy = Command + c and Paste = Command + v