Free computer resources

I love the fact that I can be transparent with you and still be in business.  So many other businesses try to hide things from their customers. I am open enough to share free resources with you that you MAY want to look into first before calling me for an appointment or for support.

Here are some prime examples of potential FREE support.  Obviously, these do not apply if you are not a customer of the following companies.

– Dell Computer  1-877-293-1197
– Apple   1-800-275-2273
– Lenovo 1-800-426-7378
– Vision Computer 1-770-840-9249

* You may have a different brand of computer, but I listed these four because they are the makes I have most consistently recommended over the years.
** Typically these companies will only provide support for you during your warranty period.  They may not assist you with specific software issues, outside of the operating system itself or may only limit their support to hardware issues
***  After the warranty period, Apple charges $50 per incident for phone support (rate as of 2003, may have increased) and Dell charges a steep per minute rate.

– Comcast 1-800-266-2278
– ATT 1-800-288-2020

* These major internet providers will troubleshoot issues with you relating to your internet connection.  They will not fix software issues preventing you from getting on the internet, like viruses / malware, or hardware problems unrelated to their own equipment or may do so at PREMIUM rates.

Note: some of these companies provide outstanding free support for their customers.  With the others, you may catch a good representative now and then.  On the flip side, you may run into commission based reps who are dying to push you into premium (not-free) options that will cost you more than my rates.

Surely, start with a free support option — if it applies to you.  If they can’t help or frustrate you to no end — THAT IS WHERE I COME IN.    Many times in the past, clients have not had the patience to deal with one of these companies or their needs simply don’t get met and they contact me because I have a history of delivering solutions.