One reason to use an Android phone

Consider this my first Android update — I am affectionately calling our group — the Android Juice Bar.  As I find other people / clients who want to be part of this mini-list — I will add them

Just like someone’s Android phone saved their rear on the last day of the summer semester, my Android phone played a critical role in helping me finish my first assignment in Corporate Finance.

I was with a client for 4 hours today.  Everything was fine with my home internet when I left at 10:30.  When I got back home, my DSL connection was down.  For 3 of the past 4 years I have been dealing with a local DSL company called Netplex.

People often mistake Netplex for Netflix — both are great firms in my opinion, but definitely not one and the same.

Netplex was able to determine that my modem lost sync with their servers at 10:26 AM.   Checking the weird way the power lights were behaving on my modem — it was determined that I had a bad modem.  Actually it was a dead modem!!  2 years old — well sometimes these things don’t last very long.    DSL modems are not readily available in local stores, so its nice that Netplex is local.   I will be picking up a new modem from them tomorrow.

However, there was still an assignment left to do.   Last week I “rooted” my Android phone, allowing me to install apps that are not “stock apps on the phone.  One of them allows me to tether wirelessly.  I am paying $30 for a data plan anyway — why should I have to pay them $20 a month extra just to use their app.  Tethering means — I am using my laptop (or desktop)  and connecting it to my phone for internet purposes.

In a sense, I made my Droid Incredible into a wireless router tonight enabling me to finish my Discussion Board assignment.  My new course has especially strict policy on these assignments.  A late assignment is not merely penalized, it is graded as a zero.

Surely, the Wireless Tethering is NOT PERFECT.  Because I don’t know how to stop my phone from taking a nap — I have to reset the wireless about every 10 to 15 minutes….but so what?   I got my work done and I am launching the Android Juice Bar — aren’t I?

Go Android!!!