Free Mac security software

Do I have a deal for you today!!  While it’s true that there have been no widespread Mac virus attacks in the broadband internet age (roughly, the past 10 year).   Your Mac is not immune from spyware and cookies that may track your every move on the Internet. is a leading online computer publication that covers that covers the Macintosh universe.

Today and TODAY ONLY — The Loop and security company Secure Mac are providing Mac Scan FREE OF CHARGE.  This program is normally $30 — but is free today only.

Read the paragraph below that is in BOLD and very large text.   Basically, you just go to that link below and proceed to buy the single version of Mac Scan ($29.99).  Enter the code – PIRATE — where it asks for one of in the shopping cart — and you will see that your order price becomes $ 0.00.

No credit card required; you just register with your name and email address.   Print out your receipt.  You will need the LICENSE KEY when you download and install your program.  Do it today and run a scan when you have time time.   Don’t be afraid,  go for it!!!

I have downloaded and used the product…..this deal has my full endorsement.