Free Computer Tips

1.  The manufacturer of your computer system — Dell, HP, Apple and others should provide telephone based support for the duration of your warranty period.   The quality of support you receive may vary depending on the company.  These services  typically pertain to hardware issues only.   For example, you won’t receive help from Dell on an Adobe program you purchased 3 months after buying your system.  Some manufacturers do offer software support on a per minute basis or as an additional warranty at the time of purchase.

2. Your internet service provider.  Comcast and AT&T have been known to provide 24/7 support for their internet customers.  The level of support you receive will vary depending on the representative you are talking to.   Support from your internet provider will be limited to issues with your connection only and basic e-mail help.   A representative from Comcast will not remove a massive virus / spyware infection from your laptop and they aren’t going to tackle your questions on setting margins in Word.

I’m more than willing to share this information with you because I want to help  you get the most for your dollar.  This is what I have done for years.  My hourly rate is roughly 40% less charged by the I.T. staff at a big box stores, but even I realize that sometimes a do it yourself solution would be best.

I will also share that on numerous occasions in the past, my clients have called the company who made their computer or their internet service provider and come up empty when looking for a solution. That’s when they call me; I get results  Don’t be surprised if that happens to you. I am here to cut through the confusion and bring you computing solutions simply.  Chuck Smith, founder of Calvary Chapel in California uses the motto “Simply teaching the Bible, Simply.”  I’d like to borrow from that and make my theme for this year — Simply computing, Simply.  Let’s make computing fun again.

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