Be safe with your MacBook power adapter

Today’s update is targeted toward those of you who own Mac laptops –the MacBook or Mac Book Pro.

At times we may take our laptop with us or put it away for storage. Since the MacBook models were launched in 2006, they have included what is known as MAG SAFE power adapter. Its cord winds up around the brick part of the adapter for very neat storage.

However, this adapter is prone to getting frayed thus exposing the bare wires. This is a serious hazard. This short video (less than 2 minutes) shows you how to properly wind up your power adapter to prevent you from having to buy a new one. Click on the link below:

In the event that your AC adapter has become exposed, please buy a new one immediately. This is not a warranty item. I’ve found that (Other World Computing) does sell used (and perfectly intact) Mac Book / Mac Book Pro adapters for about 50% off.