Internet pricing-the low end and the high end

I think I’ve told you before that many customers I work with simply want the best pricing on their internet service, while others DEPEND on their connection for home or school and do not really care about price. This 2nd type of customer wants reliability with a capital R. AT&T and Comcast, the two largest service providers in the country, are giving you a choice on both ends of the pricing spectrum. I’ve broken down two current promotions / offerings from these companies so that you can get a grasp as to what is available in the market.

Thanks to their partnership with Apple, A&T’s wireless division (AT&T Mobility), is bringing in record profits for the company. AT&T is also continuing to see gains with their (somewhat) fiber optic TV service, known as U-Verse. However, their DSL subscriber base has been declining. In order to change the tides in this mature product line, AT&T is offering their DSL Elite service for 19.95 for 12 months. This deal is for new customers only and represents a 50% savings off the regular 40.00 per month.

Comcast’s package that is most comparable to AT&T’s DSL Elite is their “standard” High Speed Internet at a cost of $44.95 per month. Note: this price point had been $42.95 since it was introduced in Connecticut in late 1998 and was only raised earlier this year. Several of my customers, along with Comcast internet subscribers throughout the country, have had significant technical difficulties over the past few months. When their service goes down, Comcast often cannot make a service call until 10 days later. Customers often have to have me come out for a visit. However, while I can often get the service working again, underlying issues with Comcast’s end of the operation linger on. (Consider yourself lucky if you have not had a problem.)

However, this may not be a reason to abandon Comcast outright. They have recently begun offering a Business Class level of service to residential customers. It costs $15.00 more ($59.95 / month), however they promise service visits within 24 hours (and in many cases same day) and offer a separate number for telephone support. If your home (or small office) connection is “mission critical,” you may want to consider Comcast Business Class. A 2-year contract and $99 installation charge are required. The Business Class service is billed as a separate account. A professional grade cable modem is provided to you with the service and no monthly rental fee is charged. From what I was able to find out, taxes and junk fees are only 75 cents per month.