Power Surges and Brown Outs

You, my loyal clients, know how damaging a power surge or a brownout can be on their equipment.

Those of you who have been part of the “family” for several years also know that I have only recommended one brand of surge protector over the years: APC.
J&R out of New York sells a full line of APC surge protectors and battery backup units. A “power strip” is not enough, you need a surge protector. If you run a small office or use your computer for work, a surge protector / battery backup is a must for critical systems.
Check out J&R’s APC products here
A few of my favorites are
1) The surge arrest 8 outlet – $19.99
2) The surge arrest 11 outlet – $24.99
3) The APC backup 8 outlet $69.99 (for advanced needs)
My home office is protected by an APC surge protector, is yours?