Urgent Warning Comcast McAfee Users

FYI:  This message does not apply to those of you paid for McAfee on your own.

1. For nearly 5 years, Comcast has provided anti-virus, firewall, another security software to its Internet customers.
2.  As of May 12th, they are ending their partnership.
3.  If you are using McAfee from Comcast, you need to act fast or your Windows computer will not be protected.

My thoughts
1.   If you do any kind of important work on your computer, whether it be for your job or an organization you belong to — I could recommend a couple of paid programs to you.  The cost is about $65 per year.
2.  If you use your computer only for personal / casual activity, I think a free anti-virus / security program would suffice.
(3.  I also think a Macintosh would suffice — but we will save that discussion for another time. HA HA)