Naming Your Files

Here is a simple tip that  can save you a lot of hassle when you are saving and sharing files with others.

This applies to documents you create or download from another source — spreadsheets, PowerPoint files, etc.

I don’t expect you go back and change all of your files from the past but from now on……..

Never ever use spaces in the file name.   You can use the ___ (underscore) between words in your file name, but never use spaces.

Let’s use an example.  Say you are writing up an invitation for your brother Bob’s birthday and it is a Word document…..

Wrong way to name the file —    Bobs Birthday Invitation.doc

Correct way to name the file — Bobs_Birthday_Invitation.doc  or  BobsBirthdayInvitation.doc

I like using the __ (underscore) because it helps make the file name easier to read.  Take a moment and learn where the underscore is on your keyboard.  Very likely you will press Shift + another key up at the top.

Finally, never use symbols (other than underscore) in your file names.   This means no +  ! @ $ # % & * ” or ‘.

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