MacBook announcement

This information may only be news to you and not directly beneficial, but if you purchased a MacBook between May 2006 and December 2007   Apple is extending your warranty if you have hard drive defects.

Read all about it here:

This is in addition to the unofficial warranty extension for out of warranty MacBooks that have experienced cracking / excessive discoloring on the wrist rests.

I can honestly say that Apple has the best warranty support in the business.  It is well worth it to buy the extended warranty (known as Apple Care) with your next Mac purchase.  This will cover you for 3 years in total on hardware issues.   Note:  college students buying a Mac through their school’s website often have the option of buying 4 years of Apple Care.     Ask me how to do that if you need help.

Final tip:  the Mac Book screens are known for being VERY glossy.   One company out of California, PowerSupport, makes a a think piece of plastic film that you can put over the screen that will give it more of a matte finish, greatly improving viewing in brighter environments.   $20 to $35.   Check out their website.