Security tips

** Reminder:  Comcast Internet customers, running Windows
If you have been using the free McAfee Security Center provided by Comcast for the past 5 years, YOU NEED TO TAKE ACTION.
Comcast is NOT renewing its contract with McAfee to provide you with this protection, which has a retail value of $70 to $120 per year.
They are switching over to Norton.   As of May 12, your Windows computer protected by McAfee from Comcast will no longer be protected.
Here is what you need to do:  Choose 1 of the following

1)   Completely remove your McAfee from Comcast and install the Norton they are providing (available now).  I do not recommend this because Comcast may change their mind again.  In recent years A&T changed their security package TWICE.

2)  Completely remove your McAfee from Comcast and install a security package that I recommend to you.   With this option, you will be in the driver’s seat.  You will own / control the product.  It will not depend on Comcast.    Cost options range from FREE to $70 per year.  Several free and paid options cover more than 1 computer.

**You may need my help accomplishing #1 or #2.   For example, a customer who has been a regular computer user for 10+ years did not feel comfortable removing her existing anti-virus program and installing a new product that she paid for.  This happened just last week.     Time estimate:  1 hour.   Let’s make a date!

**  Windows users:  If you are browsing the Internet and see a suspicious window pop up offering some kind of security program that you are not familiar with……..
Close your browser using the keyboard.   DO NOT CLICK!!!

In both Firefox and Internet Explorer (for Windows) — you do this by pressing Alt + F4

That is,  press Alt and press the F4 key at the same time.

Please practice the next time you are using the Internet.

If you get one of those nasty pop ups and Alt + F4 does not work, manually turn off your computer by holding the power button.
I don’t recommend this technique often, only in emergencies.