A New Name For Comcast

You may have seen a lot of ads — both online and in print — for Comcast with the big word XFINITY prominently featured.
The word Comcast is quite small in the ads.

Comcast is going through some changes, but they are not related to corporate instability.
#1  They are completing their takeover of NBC Universal
#2  They are trying to shed their image as a slow moving, inefficient business that doesn’t respond to customer concerns.

So they are re-branding their internet and TV services with the name XFINITY  — while still being under the Comcast banner.

The XFINITY component of their services actually refers to the fact that you can watch some live TV and On-Demand programs through a special comcast website.   After a simple setup, I understand it is pretty straight forward

WHAT  YOU SHOULD BE ALARMED ABOUT:  Any Comcast price changes!!   Be vigilant.   Know the competition’s prices and be willing to ask for a discount.  1-800-COMCAST.   You must select the option to disconnect services to speak with someone in the retention department.

ALSO PAY ATTENTION:  Certain Comcast price plans / packages are being phased out.   You should be able to keep your plan as long as you don’t change.   Note:  some Comcast specials are only good for a certain number of months.