Verizon price changes

Verizon Wireless is the #1 or #2 cell phone provider by volume of
customers in this country and surely 1st or 2nd among my customers, so
I thought I would pass some information on to you about price changes.

If you want to make unlimited calls, talk all day, and perhaps even
drop your home phone service — the price of this plan has been
reduced to $69.99 per month.  Unlimited calling coupled with unlimited
texting has been dropped to $89.99.     There is little change to the
lower cost plans, however there is a $29.99 senior plan and the 39.99
plan which give you a certain number of minutes, free calling to
Verizon customers and free nights and weekends.   Starting with
individual plans 59.99 and higher, you can pick at least 5 numbers
that you call which won’t count toward your minutes.   (This makes me
think of the old friends and family days — who offered this?  Sprint
or MCI?)

Now, if you are upgrading your phone be careful.  As always, an
upgrade that you purchase from Verizon requires a contract extension.
However, if all you need is a simple calling (or simple calling and
texting phone) BE CAREFUL.   Certain phones and I mean PHONES, not
Blackberry or smart phones, now require a minimum $10 per month data
plan.   So you say — I do not use internet on my phone.  Right…..
well don’t choose one of those 3G Feature Phones.   They are very
clearly marked on Verizon’s website and in the store.

The basic phones you are looking for from Verizon are labeled – SIMPLE
FEATURE PHONES.   Two good ones are The Motorola Barrage and if you
like to text, the Samsung Intensity.