Critical Windows updates

If you don’t use Microsoft Windows, please ignore this message.

There have been brutal worldwide attacks against Microsoft Windows, specifically the Internet Explorer browser over the past few weeks.   Most of these attacks have come because Internet Explorer 6 was being used.  Internet Explorer 6 has been an out of date Microsoft browser for more than 2 years now.   Version 8 is the standard.

If you’ve noticed your Windows updates being downloaded and installed over the past 2 weeks, you likely already have these updates.   If not, there is a problem.  Your Windows updates should automatically be turned on and functioning.

I will provide the links to the appropriate downloads in this message.   These should apply to most of your situations.  If not, reference the link for the full article at the bottom of this message.

If you are using Internet Explorer 6 — Windows XP – 32 bit

If you are using Internet Explorer 7 Windows XP – 32 bit

If you are using Internet Explorer 8 Windows XP – 32 bit

…Internet Explorer 7 Windows Vista – 32 bit

…Internet Explorer 8 Windows Vista 32 bit

Internet Explorer 8 Windows 7 32 bit

If you have a version of Windows not listed,  perhaps a 64 bit version (not many of you) please check out out the original article to find your download.
(Originally found at Technology)

If you have not upgraded to Internet Explorer 8, even if you use Firefox or another browser — do so immediately.  It’s always good to have a backup browser.   For all Internet Explorer gets mocked,  the new version 8 is pretty solid.