An apology from Apple and me

A good number of you are using or have a child who uses a MacBook laptop computer made by Apple.

By MacBook I mean Apple’s consumer laptop model, which is different from their MacBook Pro (with its unique aluminum exterior)

Since coming onto the the market in May 2006, the MacBooks have been produced with a white, plastic exterior shell.  For a time they were also available in black — known as the BlackBook (informally).

The MacBooks released up until the fall of 2009 were known for a serious cosmetic flaw, albeit one that did not affect performance.

The plastic exterior was known to chip and crack, often on the wrist rest, around the screen and in other places.

Apple has finally acknowledged this.

I put a lot of faith in this particular product line. I have been let down and in turn, I feel badly for letting you down by often saying the MacBook was the best laptop under $1000.  Both my daughter and I have owned MacBooks, we’ve both experienced the cracking.  I have had the keyboard cover replaced twice (before selling mine) and my kid is about to have her keyboard cover and display bezel replaced for a 2nd time.    These are not isolated incidents, but have affected tens of thousands of MacBook owners.

Apple will now repair your cracked MacBook, EVEN IF IT IS NOT UNDER WARRANTY, so long as the damage did not come from abuse.  They have been generous with this policy.  Go to your nearest Apple Store or call 1-800-MY-APPLE.

Starting with the new MacBooks introduced in late 2009, the product line has been improved to correct the design flaws which led to the cracking.  So far, no negative reports.

With all that has happened, I almost certainly WILL NOT be buying another MacBook, but other reasons play into my decision.  The Apple dekstops, (more expensive) MacBook Pro laptops, and post Late 2009 Macbooks have not been reported to have widespread defects and I think they should be given your consideration the next time you buy.