Comcast and AT&T changes

1)  AT&T — raising their DSL prices to $30, $35, and $40 per month depending on what speed tier you have — on Feb. 21.

Most AT&T customers are NO LONGER under contract, so this will apply to you.  Word on the street has it that you may be able to get a reduced offer for 6 months (with no contractual commitment) and a 12 month deal if you commit to AT&T for one year.

2)  Comcast.  If you have gotten McAfee Security Suite from Comcast for the past several years — you need to change.   While you may have heard me say this out of opinion before — this time its coming from Comcast.   Comcast High Speed Internet is NOT renewing their agreement to provide McAfee to their customers for free.   As of May 12, your McAfee from Comcast will cease to function.     Instead Comcast has signed an agreement with Norton to provide a free security package.

McAfee will have to be fully uninstalled, and if you are a Windows user, you will need to install another product.   This process takes up to one hour and I am ready and able to be of service.  You can make a change now, you do not have to wait until may 12th.

I don’t recommend taking the anti-virus software provided by your Internet Service Provider.  It’s a bad idea because they could change whose software they offer every year if they wanted, forcing many of you to pay someone like me to come out and clean up the mess.

I recommend either buying your own security program, or using the free Microsoft Security Essentials or the free version of AVG.