Get your bundles in writing

Over the past 2 years, it has become very popular to sign up for a 2 service, 3 service, or even 4 service bundle offer from your cable or phone company — possibly including television, internet, home phone, and cellular.

Don’t believe anything you hear on the phone!!! If you get a promise on the phone and think THEIR WORD means anything, dream on.

Get your bundle deal in writing, with your name and address on it. That flier you got in the mail means nothing.

Have proof of your deal before the technician comes to your house. If not, cancel the installation.

Have the representative e-mail you, fax you, or mail your deal — in writing — including an estimate of the one-time charges, taxes, and junk fees.

Without this documentation, you really have no reason to complain when your first bill comes and —- OOPS — I’m not getting charged what I was promised.