Windows updates

For all of you XP, Vista and 7 users – there is no need to be alarmed.

Microsoft has greatly improved the process of Windows updates in the past few years. I can’t pinpoint the date this happened, but it’s a very good thing.
If when you go to Shut Down / Turn Off your computer, you get a message saying that updates need to be installed you can simply let them install. You don’t have to wait around. Your computer will turn itself off automatically when they are finished.
Windows updates are essential. Security fixes and feature improvements are published all of the time. It’s essential that these updates download and install automatically and on a weekly basis. Legitimate Windows updates are nothing to be afraid of.
If you’ve never seen notifications about Windows updates on your computer and feel you may not have them, check in your Start Menu >> Control Panel to be sure they are enabled. If this is completely foreign to you, we can do a remote appointment to make this important feature work. Let me know.