How to close a window without your mouse

The threats against Windows based computers are non-stop these days.     It’s almost like the spread of a real human disease because no one seems to be able to kill them at the source.    Please be sure to know which Anti-Virus or comprehensive security suite software you have installed on your computer.    If you get any pop up ads for an anti-virus or security product OTHER than those you use……there is a serious problem.

DO NOT CLICK THAT AD!!   You run the risk of losing files and spending hundreds to fix the problem, even at my discounted rates!!

You can close a window, whether it be an Internet browser window, a window in your word processing program or a window that represents a folder by USING YOUR KEYBOARD

Alt + F4.   (That means pressing the ALT key and also pressing F4 at the top of the keyboard

Alt + F4

Alt + F4

I hope I don’t have to repeat myself any further.  🙂

You don’t have to wait until there is a threat of a problem to try this out.  Next time you are in your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox) in Windows.  Try ALT + F4 to close the Window.   You can use this method every time if you want, but at the very least please remember how to do it in times of an unfamiliar window pop-up.

Now if for some reason you forget Alt + F4 when you receive a pop up for a security program that doesn’t resemble the one you have installed…..
hold down the power button on the front of your desktop of the top of your laptop for about 10 seconds and your computer will manually power off.

I’ve always told you NOT to do this regularly but  — in times of emergency — there really aren’t other choices.

Hope this helps and for those of you in the Mac family, you can close any Window by pressing   Command (key) + W.
Take confidence in the fact that these security software scams have not infected Macs yet.