Comcast to raise modem rental fees


…the cable giant now says they’ll be increasing their cable modem rental fee from $3 to $5 nationwide. “We continually invest in providing customers with next-generation equipment and technology that delivers advanced voice and Internet services with enhanced capabilities,” said Comcast in a statement. “Our costs for this new equipment will increase by 167% over the next two years,” justifies the cable giant. “As a result, we will increase modem equipment charges by $2.” Want to avoid the fee? Buy your own cable modem.

FYI, some people do buy their cable modems at a cost of $60 to $100.  That is perfectly acceptable.  I’m not really taking an opinion on this one way or another because if you do rent your cable modem — you can bring it back to Comcast at no charge and get a replacement.  If you purchase a modem, it may have warranty.  However, when there is a problem it could take you substantial time to complete an exchange with the manufacturer.

That said, if your cable modem lasted at last 2 years (and most do), it would probably be good to buy your own.  AT&T and other DSL providers have never been in the business of renting modems.  Comcast probably wants to get out of the rental aspect of modems.  I don’t blame them.