Good Laptop Buys

I am often asked what would make a good laptop purchase.   Excluding any special deals, refurbished discounts, you won’t find much better than the following for the price.

Windows based
Vision Computer – Spectrum 2700.  $999.
Unless you listen to a lot of radio, you may have never heard of Vision Computer.  Nonetheless, they have been a U.S. based computer manufacturer  for over 15 years and provide U.S. based technical support with a 3 year warranty (standard) on all Vision branded products.  I can no longer, in good faith, recommend brands like Dell or HP unless you looking solely at price — ignoring the hassles of poor quality and customer service.     Vision also has desktops for under $600.

MacBook (13.3 inch)  $994.
I am not the only one who claims this to be a best in class laptop.  Respected publications like agree and proclaim that the MacBook includes features that many competitors don’t.   2 gigabytes of RAM and a 160 gigabyte hard drive are now standard.   There is a built in web cam and spaced out keys for a better typing experience that traditional laptops.  WiFi card is standard.   Order from B&H Photo Video in NYC to avoid shipping and sales taxes (outside of NY State of course).   Surely you can buy from or a local Apple Store, but there are not many reasons to do so.   The MacBook only comes with a 1 year standard warranty, and I would highly recommend the Apple Care extended warranty that would give you 3 total years of protection.  The cost is $249, but if you want to save on up front costs — you can wait up to a year to buy it.  With either the standard warranty or Apple Care, you have the convenience of your local Apple Store (or authorized retailer) for repairs.