Macs Only

1) If you want to delete an item from your desktop or a folder on your Mac, you can drag it to the trash bin icon.   However, you can also click on that item and press Command (apple key) + delete at the same time.   For those of you who are not as comfortable with your mouse, this may be a better option.

2) Firefox 3.5.   Most people in the computer world are raving about the new Firefox 3.5, I am not.   I have reverted to the previous version 3.0.12.   It may be wise for you not to upgrade right now or to revert if you use the Print >> Save to PDF function.   One of the greatest features of the Mac is that you can save any web page as a PDF for free.  (On Windows you need a $50 + piece of software to do this).   I like saving receipts for everything I buy or any bills I pay on the computer.  So I don’t waste paper, I save these print outs right on my Mac in a folder of my choosing.   Firefox 3.5 MESSES UP at saving print outs to PDF.   So hold off on 3.5 if you.   If you like to save receipts or web page articles like I do….you can download the previous Firefox here

If you use Safari as your primary Firefox browser …. you needn’t take any acti