Open Office 3.1 Windows and Mac

Something new to report for Intel Mac users (most of you who have bought a new Mac since mid-2006). Open Office 3.1 has now been developed directly for Macs with Intel processors.

There is also free support available for Open Office because it has been used by millions of computer users for several years.    Open Office support for Windows, Mac, etc. can be found here

I AM NOT recommending Open Office 3.1 over Neo Office 3.0 for Mac users.   Neo Office is a translation of Open Office for the Mac using the Open Office code — to make a very Mac friendly product.  Sun Microsystems, developer of OpenOffice has a long history of developing software for Windows and Linux but not on the Macintosh platform.   However, if you are in a household with a mix of Windows / Mac computers or an office with a similar set up, you may want to use Open Office instead of Neo Office for continuity sake.   If you are used to OpenOffice for Windows, I don’t think NeoOffice for Mac is that different.

And to my friends in Windows world,  if you are using a 2003 or prior version of Microsoft Office and its getting kind of stale or buggy — and you don’t need the official Microsoft product for any specific function — you can download / install Open Office 3.1 as well.   It’s the same website The website automatically recognizes that you are a Windows user.