The Future of Cable TV

Sometimes another person writes exactly what I want to say on a certain subject, why not let them?
This article posted in the NY Times Bits (technology) section on May 1.  Titled THE PROBLEM WITH CABLE IS TELEVISION, it covers a lot of the issues I have spoken about that cable companies (including Comcast) have dealt with and are dealing with.   The author covers the subject of cable companies making their own digital transition, which is a different matter entirely from the transition you have been seeing ads for.  It has nothing to do with the 6/12/09 digital transition.  This is for people (the select few) who use antennas to receive their television.

However, Cable TV customers will need to get a box for every TV they want to watch TV on, but these boxes do not involve government coupons.  You obtain the boxes by renting them from your cable company.   Why is this being done?   Cable TV companies are losing out BIG TIME to satellite TV companies, who are providing double the amount of HD channels is most parts of the country.  By moving cable channels to digital, they will be able to offer more HD selections.  It’s all about money really – and that’s not always a bad thing.  If you don’t care about HD (like) and you are content with your $15 a month basic cable package (like me), we are on the losing end my friends.  Comcast and their cable colleagues must increase supply to meet the demand.

Here is the article:

PS.  If all you want is the $15 (or so) basic cable, its likely that you will not need a box but even some of those channels have been moved to the digital realm — so a box may help you.