Internet Explorer 8

This message applies primarily to Windows users.

Microsoft has finalized their Internet Explorer 8 browser.  It is no longer in the beta (testing) phase.  It is an official release and will be included in a Windows Update in the very near future.     Hopefully, through the Control Panel your computer is set to automatically download and install all future Windows Updates.

Microsoft claims that Internet Explorer is faster and safer than previous IE versions.   PC World Magazine seems to think the same.

As most of you know, I use the Firefox browser in both the Windows and Mac operating systems.   I find Firefox to have better safety features and more customization available than any browser on the market.   I think its good to have both browsers on your computer.   The only websites that I have ever found to be more usable in Internet Explorer are Microsoft Exchange Server Web Access (commonly used by large companies for email) and certain websites that were poorly coded for Internet Explorer only (usually financial websites).

Firefox can be downloaded for free here (
If you just can’t wait – Internet Explorer 8 can be downloaded here