ABC Nightline – Face Off Debate

Tonight on ABC’s Nightline program (1130 PM – 12:00 AM, Eastern time),
there will be a debate on the existence of Satan.

This debate is part of their Face-Off series that has aired over the past two years.

Arguing for the traditional Biblical position will be
Mark Driscoll, a Pastor of the Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA
Annie Lobert, an ex-prostitute turned evangelist who runs the ministry Hookers For Jesus

Arguing against the existence of the devil / satan will be
Deepak Chopra, a philosopher and published author
Bishop Carlton Pearson, Pastor of the New Dimensions Worship Center in Tulsa, OK

Whatever side of the argument you are on, I think you will find it to be a very interesting dialogue.    It’s important to remember that this is a made for TV event, so there may be a very high entertainment value but little of substance discussed.

If you miss Nightline you can watch the entire debate here on ABC’s website.  It’s already posted.  (Note:  The discussion is split into several clips on the website.  You will have to click on each one.)