Attention Verizon Customers

This is a special announcement for those of you using Verizon Wireless for your cell phone service.

Last month, Verizon completed its purchase of Alltel.   Alltel was a regional CDMA (same technology as Verizon) carrier that provided service across the midwest, southeast, and in many rural areas.   For a long time, Alltel also provided service in Litchfield County Connecticut.  You may have never know it, but if you had Verizon or Sprint and talked on your phone in that area — you roamed off of Alltel.    That’s all history now…

One of the more interesting features that Alltel offered was something called My Circle.  It allowed you to select a handful of numbers that you could call for free at any time, without using plan minutes.   Effective Sunday 2/15, Verizon has begun offering this to all of its customers calling it Friends and Family.

Here is what you need to know:   You do not need to sign a new contract to get this feature.   You do not need to change your plan.   You do have to log into mange your account online.  Most of you are probably doing this already.

If your monthly voice charges are $60 or more on individual lines or $90 or more on family plans, you can select 5 or 10 non-Verizon numbers to be added to your Friends and Family list.  FYI, on family plans that qualify it’s 10 numbers total, not 10 for each line.   One final word, STAR 67 (blocked calls), calls to voicemail, or international numbers are not part of the program.

T-Mobile is the only other major carrier in the US with a similar program.  It is called MyFaves.