A Tea House In Hartford

Dear Readers and Clients,

As baseball season is about to start, I have the perfect triple play for you:   a warm thought, a joke, and a mini-review

1) Last Thursday was a rough day for me.  I didn’t end up going to sleep until the wee hours of the morning. On top of that, I also had to put a pillow case on two new pillows.  For no good reason, I decided to read the tag on the first pillow.   Made in the USA!!   That really helped me sleep a lot easier.

2) Last night I had a craving for some real American food because an Asian soup that didn’t quite hit my palate right was still stuck on my taste buds from dinner.  I proceeded to our local 24 hour dinner, The Goldroc, for some old-fashioned French toast and bacon.  Two college age women and a man in his 30’s were sitting across from me.    Wow!  Their mannerisms and language were appalling.   I just sat and smiled.   The number of F’s and MF’s I heard in a period of 30 minutes was probably more than 3 dozen.   I’m so thankful that I can be so funny and charming without any alcohol, drugs, or foul language.

The joke:  I guess those people sitting across from me didn’t come from the midnight Bible study at the Pentecostal church!!

3)  Mini Review:   Jo Jo’s Roasting Company – downtown Hartford.   Corner of Pratt and Main.  Finally!  Finally!  Hartford has an independent tea and coffee house again.  I remember back in the late 90’s when Zu Zu’s occupied the spot at the corner of Pratt and Trumbull.   I used to bring all of my friends there at the end of my high school days and even after I left NYU.   It eventually became Xando and then faded off into the sunset when management tried to boost sagging revenues after 9/11 by not screening underage drinkers.   Enough of the backround info….. Jo Jo’s brews its teas using loose leaves.  They have about 20 varietes to chose from.  If you choose to sit down, they serve it to you in a small teatpot with a mug on a lovely wooden tray.   Most teas are $2 for a personal pot, but a few of the special varieties are $3.50+  Jo Jo’s roasts their own coffee and offers special varieties each day.   They offer a handful of light breakfast and lunch specials.  Jo Jo’s menu features a broad selection of additional items like cookies, scones, bagels, fresh fruit, cheesecake, and fruit parfaits.     An Asian man and his wife own this urban gem.  It seems as if it was really a dream come true of theirs to start this place.   Friends, this is the kind of business that you want to support.   Small businesses like Jo Jo’s are the cornerstone of the American economy.