Security Update and Super Deals

Dear Readers,

Just wanted to give you this update before we roll into 2009….

1)  If you have been using the free Norton Internet Security provided by AT&T DSL for the past year, its very likely that you have gotten an e-mail notice in the past tell you that you need to need to make some changes….

AT&T and Symantec (publisher of Norton security software) have ended their agreement to provide this software to you at no charge.   AT&T will now be offering McAfee Security Center to you at no charge.   It can be installed on up to 7 Windows-based computers.

There is a slight hassle involved, however.  You have to go into Control Panel and remove the AT&T protection software (Norton) and then login into your AT&T DSL account to download the McAfee program.    This can be done by logging into your AT&T Yahoo master account at and going into the Member Center — after you remove the existing Norton software.

Today – Dec 31st is the last day that your Norton software provided by AT&T will work.   If you cannot make the change on your own, please contact me to set something up — I’d be happy to help you.   It will take approximately 1 hour to make the needed modifications.

2)  Computer manufacturers and retailers are offering some GREAT deals right now.  Please shop around —- but I’ll share 2 deals that I was recently able to find.

– A 15 inch MacBook Pro (laptop)  normally sold for $1999, on sale for $1499 at – with a $150 mail in rebate on top of the $500 off.

– A Dell Optiplex 330 desktop (business class model) with 17 in. LCD monitor and 3 year warranty for $467.  Regular price:  $837.

Super specials like this are not uncommon…

Happy New Year!