New Life To An Old Phone

Dear Readers,

Fixing up an old car, computer or other product may be the way to go if buying new is out of your price range.

Last week, I just completed a refurb of my Motorola Razr V3c cellular phone that I use on the Verizon network.   Before the iPhone, hit the market in June 2007, the Motorola Razr was the best selling cell phones in the USA and one of the most popular around the world.   It was first introduced by Cingular (now AT&T Wireless) in 2004 and within 3 years time was added to the product lineup of all 4 major US wireless operators.   Millions were sold.

I have really enjoyed using the v3c model Razr.  I purchased it as a used phone from the original owner in May of this year.   The original battery, with a capacity of 740 mAh, was not adequate to begin with and was also loosing its charge.

I was able to find a Motorola OEM Extended Battery for the Razr v3c, rated at 1480 mAh.  Since the battery sticks out from the back of the phone more, a new battery door was also needed to secure it to the body of the phone.   I was able to purchase both accessories as a combo package from JM Batteries of New Jersey on eBay.  The cost — a mere $19 — less than half of retail.

Immediately, I noticed a difference.  After a full charge on Thursday night,  my phone was on for 38 hours before the batter meter even decreased by one bar.      If you’re looking for a good used or backup cell phone, I would definitely recommend the Motorola Razr — no matter what provider you use.    It’s simple, performs well, and is still quite stylish.   Whether you are a current or prospective Razr owner — buy the extended battery.   It will give NEW LIFE to your beloved phone.