Limits of Unlimited Internet

Dear Readers,

Given that Comcast and other major Internet Service Providers have implemented usage limits, AT&T was bound to follow down the same path. It’s in the works…..

AT&T has begun testing trial caps on DSL usage in certain markets. They will soon be made the law of the land for AT&T DSL customers. Your Internet will still be unlimited in terms of time, but obviously not unlimited in terms of usage.

The proposed limits are as follows:

AT&T Basic (DSL only) Up-to 768 Kbps 20 GB per month

AT&T Express Up-to 1.5 Mbps 40 GB per month

AT&T Pro Up-to 3.0 Mbps 60 GB per month

AT&T Elite Up-to 6.0 Mbps 80 GB per month

AT&T Max (U-verse only) Up-to 10.0 Mbps 150 GB per month

Based on such information, you can see that the proposed monthly LIMITS are based on the plan you subscribe to. If you have one of the faster speed tiers, you are allowed more bandwidth. Bandwidth is described as total amount of downloading + uploading.

Unless you are transmitting thousands of photos and songs per month, dealing heavily in online video, or running some type of unauthorized server through your AT&T DSL account — you should be fine. Now that watching full length movies on your computer or a peripheral device is becoming more common — capped service may cause you to examine your usage behaviors and monthly plan.

Right now while AT&T’s usage caps are still in test mode, the proposed penalty for violating the caps is $1 per GB over the limit.

For Connecticut customers I want to mention that Netplex is a viable DSL alternative. They charge $30 per month for their 1.5 mbps plan and $50 per month for their 3.0 mbps plan. These prices include all junk fees and taxes. Customer service is friendly and local (Hartford). Even though I got tricked into being switched to AT&T DSL back in August, I am not under contract and I wouldn’t hesitate going back to Netplex in the near future.