False Advertising and Hydrox Cookies

I want to debunk one false advertising myth being being shared across your TV airwaves.

Comcast is running several ads alluding to the notion that they have more HD channels than other providers.  The number one competitor they tend to target in these ads is DirecTV.  Comcast doesn’t exactly say HD channles, they use language like ‘HD offerings’ or make offer an example of watching a program in HD at 7:11 PM.

Fact:  In most cable markets, the local provider offers no more than 30 HD channels.  DirecTV and DISH Network both offer 100 or more HD channels.   Comcast’s claim to fame is that they offer a couple hundred programs OnDemand in High Definition.  Obviously you need an HD cable box for this, but I think it is false advertising for them to add all of these programs together and think that the buying public will think these are HD channels.

For the record, I do not own an HD TV and don’t plan to buy one in the near future.   If you love watching TV and have a place for one of these premium TV’s in your budget, they are great!   You should seriously consider the Vizio brand.  They make an affordable product and they are the only U.S. based HD TV company with corporate offices in California, I believe.   In fairness to the cable companies, during last night’s heavy storms in Connecticut, most cable broadcasts were not disrupted.   Satellite reception was severely affected.

Big announcement:  As I promised, Hydrox cookies are back!!  They are being sold in stores like Wal-Mart and by major grocery chains for a limited time only.   Celebrate the 100th anniversary of Hydrox …. the original creme filled chocolate cookie.   I will post a picture of me with a package of Hydrox very soon.