Acronym Update – Trivia Quiz, The Beauty of Bartering

Some of you may know that I tried out for the game show Who Want’s To Be A Millionaire twice in the past 18 months.  I actually PASSED the audition test the first time and was given an opportunity to interview with a producer.   This past may I did not PASS the test and therefore was sent back onto West 67th St. in Manhattan after 20 minutes.   One thing you should realize about game show auditions / tests, is that they are not objective.   The standard for passing is not defined.  In a particular audition session, they could take the low scores, the high scores, or even randomly pick people for an interview.   When you audition for a show like Millionaire, you are totally at the mercy of the production staff and their sponsors.

Anyway…..I really enjoyed those experiences and in the spirit of trivia  I have assembled the following Millionaire-style trivia quiz for you.

Reply directly to this message with your answers (No cheating):

1.   First vice president of Richard Nixon

2.  A GROSS of oranges is how many

3.  1981 Academy Award Winner – Best Picture =  ________________  of Fire

4.   Former Senator from Ohio, orbited the earth in 1962 while working for NASA

5.    The acronym D.O. after a physician’s name stands for……

6.    City that Mister Rodgers Neighborhood was filmed in

7.   Russian neighborhood in Brooklyn made famous by a Neil Simon play

8.  College attended by Barack Obama for his first two years of undergraduate study.

The Beauty of bartering:  Bartering is being revived as a lost art in the business world, especially among small firms.   The idea of trading one service for another, trading goods for a service, or one product for another…. predates modern currencies and often helps to make a transaction possible on beneficial terms for all parties involved.     If you have any bartering proposals for your business or service…. I would be happy to share them with my network of readers / clients through my Acronym Update and bi-monthly Acronym newsletter at NO CHARGE.
Here are two bartering proposals that I would like to offer in exchange for my computer consulting services:
1.   (1 hour) – I need someone to install standard wall switch and face plate for my dining room chandelier.   I am converting from a dimmer switch to a standard switch because dimmer switches send out radio frequencies that could interfere with wireless signals.  (Furthermore, I would like to buy compact fluorescent bulbs for this fixture……not possible with a dimmer switch.)
2.  (2 hours) – I am looking for a used iPod, no more than 3 years old, no obvious scratches on the screen, and no issues with battery life.   Only seeking iPod models with a screen, ie. not looking for iPod Shuffle.
3. (1 hour)  Oil and filter change on my Nissan.