Acronym Online 08-11-08

Dear Readers,

The Beijing Olympics are underway…

Due to the time delay, we aren’t able to watch many events live.   NBC is only showing select events on TV during weekdays, but does offer extended programming on weekends.   Certain competitions can be found on other NBC Universal owned stations,like MSNBC, USA, etc….but I am well aware of the fact that not everyone pays $60+ per month to get those channels.  I DON’T!!!

For the first time since NBC  began offering web video of the Olympic games, they are basically offering Internet based footage on an equal basis with television feeds. You can watch 75% of the Beijing events live on the web.

The site:

I would click the link next to WATCH NOW at the top of the screen to get started.  A new window should open, and by clicking any of the video choices, you should be prompted to download a program called Microsoft Silverlight.   This is OK.  You need this to watch the video.

These web broadcasts are Macintosh and Windows compatible.  You may use Firefox or Internet Explorer as a browser.  After Silverlight is installed, you can play many different highlight clips or go back to the main page and click on TV & Online listings to see what live events you can watch.   Remember the time difference, but the live viewing is a great option for night owls, people who can’t fall asleep or those of you who work 3rd shift.