Acronym Update 07/05/08

Dear Readers,

Happy 4th of July to all on U.S. soil and those celebrating abroad!

I want to share a book review with you.

The Mysterious Montague by Leigh Montville

The former Sports Illustrated writer, Montville, wrote a thrilling tale of 1930’s celebrity golfer John Montague.   He put the story together from previously written accounts of The Sphinx of the Links (Montague), studying the famous 1937 armed robbery trial in Elizabethtown, NY, and by interviewing living relatives of the man who once beat Bing Crosby on a one hole bet using a rake, shovel and a baseball bat.

Of course, Montville’s highly regarded literary talents surely contributed to this fine work of sports and Hollywood non-fiction.    If you think you would enjoy a twisted tale that only Tinseltown could create — one that involves the likes of Crosby, Oliver Hardy, Richard Arlen, Tarzan himself, and a post-baseball Babe Ruth ….  The Mysterious Montague should be the next book you buy.  It was 300 pages long, but it never made me tired and I just couldn’t stop turning from page to page.

I’ll leave you with this tempting morsel….The superstar sportswriter of that era, Grantland Rice, called Montague the best golfer in America and at that point he had never played in any professional tournaments.    I won’t give away the juicy details…. a good review never does, right?

If you have a local / independent bookstore that you shop at, ask them to order The Mysterious Montague for you.  As a 2nd choice, Amazon has plenty of copies in stock.

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