Acronym Online 06/24/08

Topic:  Comfortable Computing

Dear Readers,

I thought I would share these items with you.  Perhaps they will help make your computing experience a little easier on the body….

1)  Remember the old keyboards from 15 to 20 years ago?   The clicketty – clack sound as you typed?   Keyboards with mechanical switches are all but dead, but designer Edgar Matias brought this experience back to life a few years ago with his Tactile Pro Keyaboard.    The Tactile Pro has graduated to version 2.0 and has received rave reviews.  It’s rather pricey at $150, but if you type A LOT — you’ll appreciate this modern twist on a that old fashioned keyboard.  Mac and Windows compatible.

2)  Kensington Comfort Wrist Rest.   Clip these two gizmos onto the wrist areas of your laptop.   The slight elevation will give you a more pleasant typing experience and may help those sore fingers if you are very dependent on your portable…   Item has been on sale at for about 2 months – $14.95.   No guarantees on how long this deal will last.   You may want to order something else too so that you can get the free shipping on orders over $25.

3)   Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 or 7000 (latest versions).   Ok, Microsoft does make some good products.  I’ve been a big fan of their keyboards and mice for a long time.     This ergonomic set can be used on either Windows or Macintosh systems.   Keyboard is shaped so that hands can be aligned in a slightly more natural position.  Mouse has a scroll wheel and other programmable buttons.     $44.95

Mac Version

4)    The iRizer.   Another product by Edgar Matias.  Fits virtually any laptop, PC or Mac.   Tilts your entire laptop so that you can work from a very hands-friendly position.     Isn’t anything with the letter  i in front of it cool?   Do you think if they called income taxes, iTaxes,  …. would more people pay?   Jury is out on that one!!

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